Office of Rep. Lorenzo R. Tañada III
Chairperson: Committee on Human Rights
Northwing 409, House of Representatives, Quezon City
telefax: 9316478 or 9315001 loc. 7368
News Release- October 15, 2009 References: Erin Tanada-09193688555 Media officer: Laurice Ramos- 09228433311


The SSS Condonation Bill of 2009 was ratified by the House of Representatives last October 14 following almost two years of hearings and discussion by the Committee on Government Enterprises and Privatization. Rep. Lorenzo “Erin” R. Tañada III (Liberal Party, 4th District, Quezon) hailed the approval of the bill and congratulated his fellow co-authors Reps. Raul Del Mar and Amelita Villarosa for a job well done. “I would also like to thank the good chairman of the committee, Rep. Felix Alfelor for ensuring the passage of this very important piece of legislation especially in the midst of very trying times. This bill will grant the Social Security System a one-time authority to condone 100% of the penalties slapped on unpaid employers’ remittances, while providing installment options for those who would like to settle through staggered payment over a period of 48 months,” said Tañada.
The bill has been called a triple mini-stimulus package which will help not just employers, but also SSS and most importantly workers as it does the following: (1) provide companies which for the most part, have been hard-up, a mechanism to pay their delinquent principal payments minus the staggering penalties slapped on them and which have accumulated through the years, (2) help the SSS immediately collect an estimated more than P50 billion from the P95 billion collectible principal amounts due, instantly putting money into the coffers of the SSS, and (3) ensure that ordinary and privately employed individuals can avail of the full benefits of SSS members in good standing.
“In the light of Ondoy and Pepeng which brought devastation to a lot of areas in the country, it is important that the benefits of SSS members such as calamity, housing and other loan packages, be made available. That can only happen if payments are now considered up–to-date. This bill hopes to do that.The President should sign this into law at the soonest possible time,” he added.
Those who will opt to settle by installment basis will still have to shell out at least 5% of its total contribution delinquency, the balance of which, the employer can pay on installment of up to 48 months bearing a 3% per annum interest. Employers with pending cases because of their delinquency status can avail of the condonation program upon approval and payment in full or in installments of contributions due and payable to SSS, can have these cases withdrawn. However, this is without prejudice to the refilling of the case in the event that the employer fails to remit in full the required delinquent contributions or defaults in the payment of any installment under the approved proposal.


3 Responses

  1. Dear Senator,

    I wish to thank you for pushing for the approval of the SSS condonation bill. My husband has a case filed against him by SSS and his case is now up for decision this week. We have already paid the principal but we just cant afford to pay the penalty of P144,000 within one year. Our struggling printing business folded up nine years ago and we are still burdened by payables until now. Both my husband and I are now employed but our meager take-home pay is hardly enough for the needs of our two children who are both in college.
    Senator, we are praying that PGMA would finally sign the bill into law. That is our only hope. Please let us know if there are any developments on this. Thanks and more power!

    A.M. Cabading

    • hi! thanks for the “upgrade” but i’m still a congressman. it’s my tatay and lolo who were both senators.

      yes…will post updates on this. i’m confident it will be signed into law soon.


  2. @Cheyenne, you seem to know what you are talking about. Do you mind shooting me your e-mail? I would like to speak more with you.

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