Honor Lean Alejandro on his 22nd Death Anniversary, Pass HB 2543. – Tañada

Office of Rep. Lorenzo R. Tañada III
Chairperson: Committee on Human Rights
Northwing 409, House of Representatives, Quezon City
telefax: 9316478 or 9315001 loc. 7368 email:erin_tanada@yahoo.com

News Release- September 17, 2009 References: Laurice Ramos- 09228433311

Honor Lean Alejandro on his 22nd Death Anniversary, Pass HB 2543. – Tañada

Honor Lean Alejandro, pass HB 2543 which declares September 19 of every year as a day to remember him. This is the message of Cong. Erin Tañada of the 4th district of Quezon, on the occasion of the 22nd death anniversary of the death of former student leader and activist Leandro Alejandro.

“ The country lost a treasure when unknown assassins killed Lean after the edsa revolution. He was only 27 then and he had his whole life ahead of him. He was a young man who lived his life with a passion and great patriotism. His short life was a testament to his hope and love for the Philippines and its people. The youth of today and even the old, especially those who will be running in 2010, has much to learn from Lean and his life as he worked for and with the people.” Tanada said.

“The issues that Lean fought against still exist. He fought against anti-imperialist issues such as the IMF-WB loan conditions, the commercialization of education, and the martial law dictatorship and he died for his convictions. It is a manifestation of how our government looks at human rights issues that Lean has become just another. His assassination remains unsolved. “

Tanada also lamented that until now, the human rights situation in the Philippines is not that different from the martial law years. Activists such as Jonas Burgos, UP students Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeno have disappeared. Alleged victims of torture Raymond Manalo and Melissa Roxas are still pointing to the military and the state as the suspects in their harrowing ordeals.

“ Those who fought and died for democracy would be saddened by our human rights conditions now. We tout ourselves as a democracy but extra-judicial killings and abductions continue to happen. Worst of all, the victims then and now seek justice which seems to be very elusive.”

“ I am asking our counterpart in the Senate to act on HB 2543 which already hurdled the House of Representatives so that we can honor Lean Alejandro’s sacrifice and other student activists who died and disappeared fighting for a just and democratic society,” he ended.


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