Tañada Endorses Impeachment Complaint Against Ombudsman

Rep. Lorenzo R. Tañada III of the 4th District of Quezon Province has added his support to the impeachment complaint filed against Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez at the House of Representatives.

Rep. Tañada is sworn in by the House of Representatives Secretary-General before signing the complaint

Rep. Tañada puts his signature on the complaint under the watchful gaze of former Senator Jovito Salonga

Rep. Tañada puts his signature on the complaint under the watchful gaze of former Senator Jovito Salonga

Rep. Tañada and Sen. Salonga are all smiles after a job well doneAfter studying the impeachment complaint filed by Senator Salonga, I have decided to endorse it because there is basis to call for the impeachment of Ombudsman Guiterrez. She should be held accountable for the unreasonable delay in resolving not only the cases mentioned in the complaint, but for all the cases filed that have been sleeping under her term.”

Rep. Tañada opined that the best venue for the Ombudsman to answer the complaint levied against her, namely a) betrayal of public trust and b) culpable violation of the constitution, is in the committee and not through the media.

He also advised the ombudsman to prepare the best defense possible instead of posing threats against her detractors. “Why has she been so defensive and even went as far as to threaten former Senator Salonga with prosecution if she has nothing to hide?”

The impeachment process will help the ombudsman defend her position on why there has been no action on various cases filed before the office. Is she doing her job as ombudsman or is there an order from higher ups that she not act on cases involving powerful personalities?”

The lawmaker is also hoping that the House Committee on Justice, chaired by Cong. Matt Defensor and its members, would find the impeachment sufficient in substance in order to allow the ombudsman to answer the charges against her under oath. This will help the committee determine whether the ombudsman has valid defenses or not.

I’m urging my fellow representatives to attend the hearings, listen to the grounds of the complaint and find sufficiency in substance. A finding of sufficiency in substance is the only way that the ombudsman can be made to answer the charges.”

Unless this is tackled competently, we will lose the credibility and effectivity of the ombudsman’s office and also that of Congress. That will be a sad day indeed because the Office of the Ombudsman is supposed to protect the interests of the public against erring public official. And if the office lacks credibility, then where do we turn to ensure that public good comes before private interests?” he ended.


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  1. Guttierez is a public official hence , kunsa meron siyang mga bad governance na ginawa then she should answer the questions through a impeachment court. Thanks to Rep. Erin Tañada for endorsing the impeachment complaint.

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