Pulido Impeachment Complaint
Rep. Lorenzo R. Tañada III
26 November 2007
Mr. Speaker, I vote YES to the Committee Report not because I have compromised my principles.  Mr. Speaker, I vote yes because the impeachment complaint has no substance.
The impeachment process should never be trivialized by anyone, not even by any member of the House of Representatives.  The reason why the impeachment process is enshrined in the Constitution is to hold ANY president accountable to the people.
Yes, as many have mentioned, the impeachment process is a political exercise.  It may be a numbers game to some.  However, numbers may not always be right if there is evidence to prove otherwise.
Sad to say, no matter how you look at the Pulido complaint, there is no substance as presented to warrant further proceedings.
Mr. Speaker, this House of Representatives is under scrutiny by the public.  This House of Representatives should ensure that impeachment rules are fair and in place that the spirit of accountability, enshrined in the Constitution is TRULY given life.  We must ensure that our people are not shortchanged in the search for truth with pieces of paper that masquerade as an impeachment complaint.  We, members of the House of Representatives should always remember that we are not accountable to the President.  But we as members of the House of Representatives are accountable by our actions to the people.

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