HB 2543 – Lean Alejandro Day (Explanatory Note)



House Bill No. 2543

Introduced by Representative Lorenzo R. Tañada III



September 19, 1987 should remain as a very significant date in the history of our people. Its meaning lies not on it being a birth date. On the contrary, it is the day when unknown assailants robbed the Filipino people of a truly nationalist and charismatic youth leader – Leandro “Lean” Alejandro. He was shot dead while waiting in a van outside the BAYAN headquarters where he was then the organization’s secretary general.

For Lean Alejandro, ‘the struggle for freedom is the next best thing to actually being free.” And he lived his life exactly the way his quote went. He spent his youth not by playing sedentary games but by organizing mobilizations and giving lectures in them. He was one of those who bravely fought the Marcos dictatorship together with then Senators Lorenzo M. Tañada and Jose W. Diokno. He has shown and mustered the courage of the youth to stand up to tyranny, challenge a dictatorship and prevail against it.

In the University of the Philippines, where he went to in college, he was known as the intellectual rebel. He was a student who does not readily accept what was handed by the professors during discussions. He objectively analyzes them and easily points out misleading information or claims. He can theorize on social conditions and thoroughly explicate any idea whether from the simple one of mobilization to the more complex ones such as imperialism and capitalism.

Above all these, Lean became known for his willingness to serve the people. Unlike some activists who claim service to the people, Lean was not only for the people. More importantly, he was with the people. He had experienced their poverty and struggled with them. How ever short-lived his life was, he was only 27 years old when he was killed, the people found direction, strength and hope in him.

This bill is therefore inspired by Lean and how he lived his life. By honoring the death of a great man, we hope that the next generation will hear of Lean, of his ideologies and life struggles. They say that we have an apathetic youth nowadays. But with the inspiration that Lean can give them, we hope to build a generation of future leaders guided by a principled mind and a heart willing to serve the people.


4th District, Quezon


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