HB 1266 – An Act Strengthening the University of the Philippines as the National University (Explanatory Note)


House Bill No. 1266


Introduced by Representative Lorenzo R. Tañada III


The UP Charter of 1908 has been around 96 years unadjusted to the changing national climate. No doubt, the basic governing law that spanned almost a century no longer provides the needed flexibility to our country’s premier academic institution.

As of 2006, the UP System houses 52, 701 students and 3,648 regular faculty The non-faculty staff, presently unrepresented in the Board of Regents registers quite significantly also as the Research, Extension and Professional Staff (REPS) totaled to 1,194 and the administrative personnel, numbered 9,200 in the same year. Relative to these figures is a very meager budget allocated to UP. In 2005 and 2006, of the P4.3M, only P3.75M was allocated for the Personnel Services and a distressing P33,560 was left for Capital Outlay for the entire UP System.

This bill is a fusion of the UP Charter bills that already underwent stakeholders’ scrutiny from the early 90’s until the recent 13th Congress. By extracting the beneficial and responsive provisions, this bill intends to address the reforms in the Charter most needed by the university.

It has two essential objectives:

1. To provide greater leeway for UP to maximize its revenue-generating capacities and to independently utilize these incomes to support its needs that are unmet by the insufficient government subsidy;

2. To establish more democratic and transparent governance framework that ensures representation and participation of all sectors of the UP community in important decision-making and policy implementation processes particularly in the appointment and selection for key positions in the university and the utilization of university resources and funds.

Together with these objectives is the advancement of a university community with a goal of, not only quality education but, continued academic excellence and the cultivation of its national and global role that gains relevance in instruction, research and community service.

In view of the foregoing, immediate enactment of the bill is hereby sought.


4th District,
Quezon Province


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