HB 1151 – An Act Amending RA 8550 (Redefining the Fishing Gears, Explanatory Note)


House Bill No. 1151


Introduced by Representative Lorenzo R. Tañada III



The Philippine Fisheries Code provides a new framework in the development of Philippine fisheries. These principles were defined to ensure the sustainability of the country’s fisheries and aquatic resources that will guarantee food security, sustainability of livelihood, biodiversity conservation, foster economic growth and nation building. However, due to insufficient and unclear definition and classification of fishing gears in the municipalities, unregulated use of inappropriate fishing gears espousing unsustainable fishing methods and practices remain unchecked. In this case the definition of the device and its accessories utilized in taking fish should be modified in order to protect the fisheries and our aquatic ecosystem.

This bill seeks to modify the definition of fishing gears as being classified ‘passive’ and ‘active’ into ‘allowed’ and ‘not allowed’ to provide more latitude in deciding which gears belong to each category. This classification would be able to capture not only the use of the gear but also how it is handled and its depletive effects to the resources as well. The modification of gears also gives reasonable discretion to local government units in the formulation of regulations to determine which gears are allowed or not. This discretion is tempered by strict regulation over which an LGU may allow a gear within its jurisdiction.

In view of the foregoing, the approval of this bill is earnestly sought.




4th District,
Quezon Province


6 Responses

  1. i commend rep. tanada for this housebill.. we the people in the fisheries sector have been going through confusions on this matter for quite a while.. thanks sir.

  2. What is this all about? Can we define this clearly? This is of major concern to aquaculturists.. Thanx..

  3. this is a good housebill.. however,passive and active terms were used to connote a separate category with that of allowed and not allowed.. RA 8550 cant be redefined regarding this matter..Instead, a separate classification can be added.. i.e.,passive and active; allowed and not allowed.. This can somehow remedy confusions..

  4. Hi Ivane and Christine

    Thank you for expressing your support and interest in this bill. In answer to Ivane’s comment: you’re right, the categories are confusing! This is why HB 1151 seeks not the actual reclassification of the gears—for example, from “passive” to “allowed”–but rather the replacement of the standard fishing gear classification used by the Fisheries Code: from “passive” and “active”, to “allowed” and “not allowed”. The use of the new standard will not work to change the prevailing definition of what is passive or active, but for purposes of clarity, we want the passive/active definition to be supplanted by “allowed/not allowed”. You see, the Code only classifies according to whether the fishing implement uses gear movements or not, which does not really clarify whether the said gear is illegal or otherwise. As I am sure you know, it is within spheres of uncertainty that legal violations occur. With this bill, we hope to end all ambiguity once and for all by simplifying the classification as far as possible. The law need not go into detail as to what gear qualifies as passive or active (that seems to have only created confusion in the past); it should serve its purposes better to just say what is allowed and what is not—what may be used, and what may land you in jail if you do use it! I hope this sheds light on any shadowy portions of the Bill.

  5. tnx Sir..

  6. Thank you sir 😀 Had there been a Memorandum circulated to the concerned agencies already? I hope so..and I hope the Academe’s one of the first institutions to be notified.

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